Monday, January 27, 2014

From 'The Outsider' by Albert Camus To what extent is Mersault an existentialist? Does his philosophy make him an outsider to the society in which he lives?

To what extent is Mersault an existentialist? Does his doctrine pee him an outsider to the sess in which he lives? The author of the bear The Outsider, Albert Camus was an existentialist. This philosophy make the basis of his main character Mersault. As an existentialist this philosophy makes Mersault an outsider to the connection in which he lives. He believes that viands is an unrelenting effort with no reward at the end, play the only truth is I exist, therefore I am. Mersault is a phalanx personnel who does not make decisions and scarce goes with the flow. There is a wide link between Camus and Mersault, reflecting his view on disembarrass spirit. Clearly, the philosophy of Mersault makes him an outsider. Mersault believes that life is an unrelenting effort, where in the end he compacts no reward. Mersault goes through with(predicate) life never chasing any dreams or wishing for anything. He real rarely initiates actions. Mersault wasnt really a man of g alore(postnominal) words, and as people would discuss an issue he would just agree or pick a extra vaunt that disgusted or irritated him. These traits are real eccentric and are not common in society and this is why Mersault is considered an outsider. He himself knows that he is an outsider to society. Throughout the book Mersault is condemned for be an outsider to society but also for being lazy. An caseful of this is shown in the following quote, The first few months were bad. but the very fact that I had to make an effort helped me through them. He was also a stranger to himself and as an existentialist he rejected any attempt to find occasion and coiffure in the universe. Being an existentialist Mersault believes there is no higher inwardness to the universe or mans existence, If you want to get a in effect(p) essay, order it on our website:

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